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Pete also offers one-on-one comedy, producing, PR/marketing, writing and performance coaching. Click HERE for more info.

Pete’s newest solo show is an improvised one, based on the life of the audience. It’s also an anti-social-anxiety experiment. Good times.

Playing at The PIT Loft.

Thursdays in February at 8pm

and Sunday, Feb 12 at 5pm.


Pete’s award-winning classes are back at The PIT. Click on the images for info:


BOOST CAMP is my fun 2-day NYC workshop where up to 4 participants get to refine their existing material or begin developing new material in 6 hours over the course of 2 consecutive days. This small-group intensive will help kick your material to higher heights. Perfect for writers, storytellers, character actors, and sketch writers/performers who want to boost exciting new life into their material. Together we will read, discuss and perform material while giving and receiving constructive feedback. We'll focus on storytelling, stakes and comedy elements; and work towards bringing your ideas to life. 

If you are interested in info on BOOST CAMP, please hit me back at